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Training Course in Beijing:

Eat Smart - TC China (71)The Training Course in Beijing has given the opportunity for 21 young people (chef, video maker and social workers) from 4 partner countries (Italy, China, France and Vietnam) to meet up and to present their culinary traditions and their ideas about the future development of the project.

The TC took place from the 17th to 21st March 2013 in Beijing. Participants, with the support of facilitators carried out different activities related to the theme of the project, i.e the discovery of typical Chinese food or the culinary workshops in which all the participants of the partner countries have participated.

During all the activities, the video makers recorded the best moments to edit a final video that will be broadcast during the Food Fair in Palermo (September 2013).

Eat Smart - TC China (56)During the TC participants shared their own culinary traditions through multimedia projections or short theatrical sketches; in heterogeneous group they have collected and proposed ideas for future activities (6 workshops), to organize and to develop the content of the website, the final video and to develop the future activities to be implemented in the Food Fair.

Every day, during lunch and dinner, the participants went to Beijing’s restaurants, in which they tasted typical foods, like meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, pasta and rice. There were two culinary workshops in which the participants prepared some traditional recipes that were then served during dinner the same evening.

6 Local Workshops 

Eat Smart - TC China (48)In each partner country young participants will create 6 local workshops about the three principal themes of the project: healthy food, food traditions and sustainable consumption.


Purposes of three types of workshops:

1.      Meeting the youth

Focused on local context and intergenerational dialogue

2.     Experts

Interviews with culinary experts

3.     Cuisine

Culinary workshops

All the local workshops will be filmed by young video makers.

Meeting the youthMeeting the youth

The first two workshops will aim to make the local community aware of healthy food and sustainable consumption; informal interviews will be carried out through spontaneous meetings in the most relevant places about the three themes (market, culinary events, etc…).



The topic of the second part of workshops is experts’ work and opinions about food, for example chefs, food streets sellers or agricultural and food producers/entrepreneurs. The aim is to show their work and to make the community aware about the use of good practices related to biological, healthy food and culinary traditions.



The third part will see two culinary laboratories in which local communities will be actively involved, therefore it will be open to everyone. The participants will cook traditional foods in relation to the theme of the project.

Food Fair in Italy

The Food Fair event takes place in Palermo in September 2013.

The participants of this event will be 24 young participants from the 4 partner countries that were actively involved in the implementation phase of EAT SMART activities at a local level.

They will exchange their experience about the 6 local workshop and they will implement new workshops open to the local community.

This event will ensure that the learning goes beyond the participants of the local working groups and the partners to the wider public thanks to the event being open to the public.

These moments will have a strong element of cooperative learning because they will promote a reciprocal learning environment.

CESIE (hosting organization) will invite key entrepreneurs and food experts  to talk about the theme of the project and facilitate the exchange of experience and practices with project participants and partners.


Local dissemination meetings

localeventsThe partners from China, France and Vietnam will organise a dissemination event at a local level.

This public event will permit partners to discuss the project’s results and final products and to make the wider local community aware of the importance of healthy food, sustainable consumption and preservation of traditional food.

Participants of the 6 local workshops will be involved in order to share their experience in project’s activities and key entrepreneur and food experts will be invited to share their knowledge/experience in relation to the theme of the project.

Partner’s will pay special attention to creating awareness of the website which the project’s results, recipes and researches will be displayed on.

Final meeting in Vietnam

eatsmart_finalevent_vietnamThe partner associations (CESIE/Italy, CANGO/China, Pistes Solidaires/France, and Solidarités Jeunesses/Vietnam) have analyzed the project and its results in a final meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam. There, partners have evaluated to what extent the Eat Smart results and messages were achieved and spread, and studied also the impacts of the project in the four countries.

In France a sustainable consumption guide in Pau region was made, and further interventions of the Slow Food movement in a primary school have been set up. In China a recipe book of Eat Smart recipes is considered, and a sustainable consumption guide will be published in April 2014. In Vietnam, the project helped a lot some young participants to find their professional paths, and partnership with university has been set up, in order to organise new cooking workshops.

Partners visited local realities linked to the projects topics, as an eco-village and a cooking school for disadvantaged youngsters. They also considered possible future collaborations.

With the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.