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Coordinating organisation : CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives

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cango_onThe China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) is a non-profit membership organization operating nationwide. CANGO was founded in 1992 and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 1993 (registration number 3340), and is audited according to Chinese laws. CANGO is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. CANGO also gained the qualification of pre-tax deduction for donations by the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation. At the beginning of 2010, CANGO gained the honorary title “National Advanced Social Organization” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. By May 2012, CANGO has 95 member organizations.
Since its founding, CANGO has developed good relations with 170 foreign NGOs as well as bilateral and multilateral organizations, which are maintained through its day-to-day operations. Almost 100 counties from 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities were involved in the projects. In addition, CANGO uses available resources to participate in international events, enhance the communication with foreign NGOs, participate in regional NGO communications and cooperation, and improve the social functions of NGOs in China.
The future task and direction for CANGO will be to promote China’s civil society development and to provide a platform for exchange of experiences and information-sharing for Chinese NGOs. CANGO will continue its work in Central and Western China with a strong focus on environmental protection and capacity building. CANGO will broaden the cooperation channels with the government, businesses and research institutes, and pay more attention to balanced economic and social development.

Project Fields
Rural and Community Development: agriculture development/food security, entrepreneurship, aquatic production, husbandry, practical technology training, re-employment training, micro credit, drinking water, cultural identity, basic education, professional education;
Environmental Protection: climate change, reforestation, renewable energy, natural reserves, emission trading;
Health Care: HIV/AIDS prevention, rural healthcare improvement;
Gender and Development: women’s participation and community development, women’s political participation, and women’s rights protection, political participation
Civil Society Building: capacity building of grassroot NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility, human rights protection, policy research and advocacy.

Our Vision
CANGO’s vision is to empower citizens and civil society to create an environment that offers fair chances to everybody for sustainable development.
Our Mission
CANGO’s mission is to create a strong, empowered network of Chinese NGOs to address poverty alleviation, environmental protection and social development, particularly in China’s poor, remote and minority-inhabited areas.
CANGO acts as an intermediary agency and partners with foreign NGOs, enterprises, bilateral and multilateral organizations, individuals and Chinese NGOs to enhance fundraising, provision of technical support and capacity building of grassroots NGOs in China.

China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO)
Tel: 8610-64097888
Fax: 8610-64097607
Address: C-601, East building, Yonghe Plaza, 28# Andingmen Dongdajie, Beijing 100007, P.R.China.

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cesie_on The CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives – is a non-governmental European, no-profit, secular and independent organization established in 2001 by the inspiration of the social, culture and politics work of Danilo Dolci.

He arrived in Sicily in the early ’50s and had a very important role in the fight against the mafia-patronage system, he dedicates his life to the cause of the poor areas of Trappeto and Partinico (Palermo). The work of Dolci was mainly characterized by the use of nonviolent methods (“reverse” strikes, collective fasts, peace marches) and by the fact that any action was always conceived, developed and organized with simple people, farmers and fishermen. Later Dolci has focused his work on education, working together with teachers, university professors, also involving the children and parents, in order to renew the educational process through a more humanistic approach, that is aware of the students needs and motivations.

CESIE has transferred a little of all these experiences in its work, so it’s focused on education, mainly on non-formal education with young people and adults. CESIE uses as a work method the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (created and tested for years by Dolci) and other methods that are based on non-violence and focused on human relations. Moreover, behind the various implemented activities, there’s a very important preparatory work, which considers first the area’s and people’s needs, involving different social actors, to ensure that initiatives, once started, have the desired impact.

CESIE coordinates the CESIE Federation in which more than 30 organizations across the world join in and share our goals. Since 2001 we have realized 400 projects and we have currently active 90 projects at local, European, Euro- Mediterranean and Worldwide level, providing a direct benefit to 100.000 people.

Our major institutional donors are the European Union, the Council of Palermo, the Sicilian Region and the Italian government. We receive funding from foundations, private donors, from firms and volunteers.

The CESIE is committed to the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development, thorough the use of innovative and active tools and methods, at local level as well as international level.

CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives
Tel: +39 0916164224
Fax: +39 091 6230849
Address: Via Roma 94 – 90133 Palermo, Italy

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pistes_solidaires_onPistes-Solidaires was created with the aim of bringing together men, women, and young people from different regions of France, Europe and the rest of the World, to understand the connections between all of us, and support the development of lasting exchanges based on mutual respect and reciprocity. This ambition is supported through our work to raise awareness on ecological and ethical issues, in promoting values and attitudes, skills and behaviours that are compatible with sustainable development and citizenship.

Our aims are progressed through various initiatives :

Our projects are innovative, and place the individual in a variety of learning opportunities, within the framework of an educational activity. Pistes-Solidaires regards education as an holistic activity, with individual learning facilitated by opportunities presented through our diverse project streams.
We strive to initiate new approaches, linked to the exchange of people and their ideas. Educational exchanges are used to disseminate best-practice whilst enhancing social, socio-cultural and professional integration.
Pistes-Solidaires aims to give educational exchange access to everyone, and provide appropriate educational support.

Our educational approach is based on lifelong learning. It is open to all and is based on three underlying principles of education and society:

  1. The four pillars of education of Unesco : learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be
  2. A framework of education for continuing sustainable development embracing chapter 36 of the UN’s Agenda 21
  3. European Convention of Human Rights

We manage our activities through 3 main Departments :

DGEAC : Youth In Action Programme
European Voluntary Service : Hosting, Sending and Coordinating Organization,
Youth Exchanges and Training Courses
Specialist Education for Sustainable Development (see

Life Long Learning Programme
DG Justice : Fundamental Rights and Citizenship
Europe for Citizens
Senior Volunteering about sustainable consumption, sociocultural and youth work
Learning partnerships about urban gardening
Leonardo internships

Social Engineering and local développement

Our team is organized 2 different Regions of France :
a. Head office in Les Arcs sur Argens – Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur : office in Marseille
b. Aquitaine : office in Pau


Tel: +33 (0)9 81 09 69 83
Adress: 1, rue Richelieu 64000 PAU, FRANCE
Web : www.
Email :

[/tab] [tab title=”Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam”]

sj_onSJ Vietnam is a youth NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that promotes values of solidarity, peace, tolerance through young citizenship projects to improve society during and after the voluntarism. It was set up in 2004 by and for national and international young volunteers. SJ Vietnam is a non-political and non-religious organization which opens to everybody without any distinction of nationality, race, philosophy, financial resources, and education or sex.

SJ Vietnam is the General Secretariat of Network for Voluntary Development in Asia-Pacific (NVDA) and a full member of the Coordination Committee for the International Voluntary Service (CCVIS) – UNESCO since 2006. It is also a partner of Alliance of European Voluntary service network. Thanks to the great partnership, the organization has attracted the participation of 500 international volunteers and hundreds of local members each year. In 2011, SJ Vietnam was awarded as top ten most outstanding volunteer organizations in Vietnam. With variety of activities: workcamps, long-term and EVS projects, group camps, training courses, seminars and conferences, sending local volunteers abroad, SJ Vietnam aims to work towards a society of justice, peace, solidarity and encourage young people to participate actively in the society.

By developing international volunteering, we aim to:

The SJ Vietnam slogan reads: “Tình nguyện để sẻ chia, học hỏi và trưởng thành “, which can be translated as: “Volunteer for sharing, learning and being responsible”.

SJ Vietnam organizes short-and long-term workcamps and projects, actions of social integration, training activities and international solidarity actions.

All volunteers, both Vietnamese and international, are warmly welcomed to join and participate in the projects provided by SJ Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnamese volunteers are sent abroad to participate in volunteering projects of partner organizations all over the world.

Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam

Tel: 043.62845535/22154993
Fax: 043.62845535
Address: 903, nhà N1, 282 Linh Nam, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi



With the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.